Monday, February 11, 2008

baby surprise jacket

I finally finished my first "Baby Surprise Jacket" by Elizabeth Zimmerman. It took a while because I ran out of yarn and had to track down another is a closeout yarn from Webs, Elsebeth Lavold Classic, and I thought I might run out, so I checked their stock and found that they had over 100 balls of this color (dark teal) and I figured I'd be fine. Well, when I did run out of yarn, I checked again and it was completely gone!! I called them, and miraculously they managed to scrape up a third ball of the yarn, so I was saved.

I chose the little pewter flower buttons because the jacket is for a little girl who will be born this May and I think the baby's mom will like them. I really enjoyed knitting this little sweater, and I love how it turned is way cuter than my photos suggest (hard to photograph!). It's really nice because it is all knit in one piece, which makes for an easy and pretty mindless project. This is such a satisfying pattern, and I think I'll definitely be making more of these.

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emily said...

Wow! That is really adorable! I love the pattern and the shape of the sweater. What a lucky little girl!