Tuesday, April 8, 2008

spring greens

We returned from Portland on Saturday and picked up our last winter CSA share on Sunday. It's slightly sparse on the root vegetables, because obviously by now many of them are suffering from being stored all winter. But they made up for that with a dozen eggs and a huge bag of spring greens. It's hard to tell from the photo, but that bag of greens must weigh at least two pounds...and they are delicious!

Portland went very well, Adam is done with his dissertation, we ate some incredible meals, and saw some friends. Everything is in bloom there and it is just gorgeous. Luckily though, when we got home, most of our snow had melted! We can see our driveway, yard, and back patio again, and spring is definitely in the air here too.

I finished a couple knitting projects, and will try to post them soon! But I am really a little frantic right now about finishing the last chapter of my dissertation, so posting knits might have to wait.

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emily said...

yum! looks delicious.