Monday, May 11, 2009

fox family

A few weeks ago, when Levi and I stepped out of our garage to go for a walk, I heard a thump from over near the barn and a mother fox ran up the hill. I walked towards the barn and two tiny fur-balls jumped first instinct was that they were kittens whose lives I had saved by scaring away the fox, but when I investigated further I realized we had baby foxes again!

We had a fox family last year, but they were much more elusive. Aside from one time that we stumbled across the babies while on a walk, we mainly watched them from a distance as they scampered around at the top of our hill. This year, the six fox babies spent the first couple weeks of their life living underneath our barn, sunning on our driveway, chasing each other through our garage.

A few days ago, they disappeared. Yesterday while we were walking at the top of the hill, Adam asked where I thought the mother fox moved her babies...and a few steps later, right in front of us, a little baby fox head popped up out of a hole in the ground and looked around. So we discovered the answer to Adam's question!

We don't yet have any chickens or pets that could become fox-prey, so we love our fox family. Happy Mother's Day, mama fox.


emily said...

wow! how cute! i've never seen a baby fox before. maybe you can have them play with levi, he can be raised in the wild.

Eren said...

Oh, I can't wait to show Wyatt this. His favorite book right now is Henny Penny and he calls one of his stuffed foxes Foxy Loxy. Needless to say, we love foxes around here.