Sunday, December 13, 2009


My baby turned one last Friday. It hardly seems possible that a year has past since this amazing sweet boy came into our lives. For the occasion, cake was made and devoured, friends came over to play, and owl-themed party favors were made.

I knit these tiny owls and put them on hair clips for the little girls and pins for the little boys.

I originally intended to make small versions of these as well, but in an especially enlightened moment I came up with the idea of making little owl bean bags instead. These are filled with organic popcorn and I will definitely be making more of them. I think Levi needs a set of 5 for tossing!


beecher said...

My baby is heading into her 18th month. It is so crazy seeing her grow so FAST.
Loved the owlies!
P.s. I am having a $10 stubby pencil studio giveaway on my blog if you're in the neighborhood!

emily said...

sooo cute! do you have any leftovers for isaac?

emily said...

that boy is adorable. he looks just like you in that pic