Saturday, March 22, 2008

finished quilt!

As promised, here is my finished quilt! Like I said before, I am really happy with it, and still amazed that I did such an extensive sewing project. I quilted it in a diamond pattern, the same way it was done in the book where I got the instructions for making this quilt (Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts). Some of the quilting lines are a little wobbly, mainly due to my beginning sewing skills. My really old crappy sewing machine didn't help much walking foot fell off more than a dozen times during the quilting, so there was a lot of stopping, carefully trying to put it back on, and getting everything lined up again so there was no obvious gap in the quilting line. I would love to get a new sewing machine some day.

I did a double-fold binding, which involves hand sewing the entire binding onto the back of the quilt. I was dreading this part because I've always heard how time consuming it is, but it was my favorite part of the whole process! I really liked the slow precise hand sewing, and it was the only part of the process where I felt somewhat in control. It didn't even take that long...basically two nights of sewing. Look how cute my little polka-dotted binding is.

Making a quilt was on my "life list," or list of things to do during my lifetime. It is always such a good feeling when I actually accomplish one of these things. And the greatest part is that I really want to keep making quilts, so this definitely will not be a one-time thing. In fact, I just bought some gorgeous fabric for my next project! There will definitely be some hand-quilting in my future too, since I enjoyed the hand sewing so much.


Alicia said...

Your quilt is beautiful!! I just bought this book today and was checking out the Flickr group. Your quilt was a standout with the color choices.

emily said...

sarah, i love it! i'm so impressed & excited that you finished it! can't wait to see it in person...and yes, i love the polkadot binding :) emily

Anonymous said...

you are so talented honey, your quilt is beautiful! mom

Kaija said...

I feel a quilting fever rising. Uh-oh. I *need* to make a quilt.

You've made a lovely quilt! And I think whoever _finishes_ a quilt should get a medal for it.

Ulla said...

What a lovely quilt! Hard to believe it is your first one. I love the colours, too.