Wednesday, March 5, 2008

march vegetables

We got our March CSA box last weekend, and I'm happy that we got 8 pounds of carrots and 8 pounds of beets! I am falling behind a little bit on the potatoes...they are gorgeous potatoes, but it is hard for us (a family of 2) to eat 10 pounds of potatoes in a month! I can hardly wait any longer for spring to come...and spring produce. Somewhere beneath the snow there are wild leeks in the woods behind my house, and morel-hunting to be done...and all those wonderful spring salad greens that are probably starting to grow in greenhouses as we speak. We have two more months of winter CSA vegetables, but I bet we will start getting some early spring produce next month...I hope! It is rainy and windy today, and just generally bleak outside. Not a very likely day for me to be thinking of spring...but I guess it is the kind of day that makes me long for spring!


emily said...

wow, look at all those beets & onions! i'd love to hear some of your recipes to use up those veggies!

Jennifer said...

Not sure how I found you, but I've been reading for a while today and had to stop once I read you have a hard time eating 10 pounds of potatoes in a month!

I have nine children and we wipe that out in one meal!

Beautiful blog. I'm terribly envious of your weather! We're suffering in this miserable heat of August and I long to be somewhere, waist high in a snow drift! :)