Sunday, January 11, 2009

amanda hat

This is one of my sleeping baby knits - The Amanda Hat, which is made from Malabrigo worsted merino. I used color "sunset." This pattern is a wonderfully fun and quick knit, and I love the way this hat fits! The pattern states that if you are careful, you can make two hats from one skein of Malabrigo. The hat was so fun to knit that I immediately cast on for a second hat once I finished the first, and sure enough I had exactly enough yarn for two hats. I had about a 12-inch piece of yarn to spare!

We got another 6 or 8 inches of snow last night, and I think I am going to leave my well-fed baby with Adam this afternoon and head out for my first post-partum cross-country ski. Can't wait.


emily said...

hey looks like my hat!!! love it :)

Kate said...

love, love, love the hat. I'm just learning how to knit, finally, and so project photos like this one make me inspired to keep working away at those not-so-pretty stitches of mine. And hope you got out for a post-pregnancy-delivery-recovery ski...three babies later, I can say that first time back on the trail is nothing short of divine.