Sunday, January 25, 2009

kimono for isaac

My lovely sister, Emily, had a baby boy named Isaac on December 22, 2008. So Levi has an identically-aged cousin...unfortunately, they live 16 hours away, so Levi might not get to see his cousin as much as we would like. I got a new sewing machine for Christmas (I can sew a straight line my problems of the past may have been partly to blame on my awful old machine!) and I tested it out by making another kimono - one for my nephew Isaac.

Isaac's father hates birds. I have no idea how anyone could hate birds, but he claims some chicken looked at him funny one day when he was in a dark alley as a child. I, on the other hand, have devoted most of my adult life to studying birds, and I am determined to impress upon my nephew that birds are wonderful no matter what his father might tell him! So I made him a kimono with one of my favorite bird fabrics, Windham's "A Little Bird Told Me".

This kimono turned out better than the first two I made - thanks in part to my new sewing machine. I love that it is so simple, with the solid brown fabric, but made special thanks to the bird trim. I can't wait to see pictures of Isaac in his little bird kimono this summer!


emily said...

isaac appreciates the bird knowledge from aunt sarah. i hate being stuck in the middle, when i feel fairly indifferent to birds myself :) i definately don't want my son to take on his father's malinformed opinions though! can't wait to dress him in the kimono!

Hank said...

As Isaacs father, I would like to clarify my "hatred" of birds. I prefer to think of it as a "strong mistrust". The actual story is that I was attacked by chickens who stole my sandwich when I was a toddler. Later in life this previously repressed traumatic experience was returned to my conscious when I was confronted by an angry, featherless bird in a dark alley.

emily said...

i was watching wife swap (yeah, i know...) and one of the wives said that she was afraid of birds bc she was attaced by a chicken as an infant!!! chickens must not like infants or toddlers. tell levi to stick with the "real" birds. by the way, do you want to hear my best black throated green birdcall?