Thursday, January 17, 2008

a good egg

On Thursday mornings I work at Fat Rooster Farm in exchange for almost all the meat and eggs that we consume. Today I cleaned garlic and washed and packaged eggs that will be sold at the next winter farmer's market. Cleaning garlic is a dusty unpleasant chore, but I could wash and package eggs all day. I get to be creative when I put them in the cartons, and I have fun making all sorts of beautiful color arrangements: rows of brown alternating with rows of white, all brown with a single green egg, and my favorite of the day...a gradation of color starting with the darkest brown, then medium brown, then light brown, then ivory, then white. In the cartons I take home with me I usually just put an assortment of eggs: speckled, green, white, many shades of brown...and they are so beautiful, they make me smile nearly every morning when I open the carton!

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Ulla said...

I can understand your joy of arranging the eggs; I did the same with my mother's sewing thread spools when I was little and would still enjoy it.