Tuesday, January 29, 2008

handwoven huck towels

This is another project that should have been finished a long time ago...these towels were on my loom when we moved from Portland, Oregon to New Hampshire last summer. In fact, even before we moved from Portland, they had been on my loom long enough to collect a fairly thick layer of dust. That's pretty bad...graduate school has made me a very unproductive weaver, it seems!

They are done now though, and I really like how dainty and fine they are. They are woven in 4-shaft huck lace patterns...one threading can make a variety of subtly different patterns. The threading is from Handwoven magazine January/February 2001. Below are two of the different patterns I made. I especially love the ladder hemstitching at the bottom of the towel on the right.

They are woven from a 70/30 cotton/linen blend yarn that I got from Webs years ago. They don't have this yarn anymore, but now they have a 50/50 cotton/linen blend that I would love to try. The more linen the better, in my opinion. Even the 30% linen in the yarn I used makes the huck pattern shine. The hems had to be hand finished, which took me about the length of two full movies to complete...but they look so much more elegant than if I had just been lazy and used the sewing machine. I have yet to keep any of my weaving projects for myself, so I am definitely keeping two of these towels...but the other two may become gifts one of these days.

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emily said...

Very pretty! Are they as absorbant as the others you have made?