Thursday, January 31, 2008


I just finished spinning this lovely Blue-faced Leicester roving in colorway "Goldenrod" from Pigeonroof Studios. I actually can't believe that I managed to snatch this one up, Pigeonroof's rovings tend to sell minutes after they are listed...but I just happened across this one on a weekday and I guess I just got lucky! I used to avoid painted rovings because I really don't like the "barberpole effect," when you get a really dark color and a light color plyed's just too contrasting for me, I like a more subtle effect. But I have to say that Pigeonroof's colorways are pretty amazing, and the prevalence of white fibers in the roving made all the colors mute out a little bit, and I ended up with a beautiful subtly variegated yarn.

I almost gave up on this one too...I plied a few yards and did not like what I was getting...I thought I had spun too thickly, the yarn felt I just let it sit for a few days. That is unlike me because once I start plying I usually can't wait to get it done! Anyway, when I finally finished the plying, I was amazed at how it turned out. And once it was washed, it turned into a really soft and fluffy yarn, exactly what Blue-faced Leicester should be. The only bad thing is that now I'm hooked on Pigeonroof Studios, and I'll likely be among the crazy crowds snapping up rovings the minute they are listed!


emily said...

Looks beautiful! Do you know what you are going to make with it?

Debra said...

Lovely spinning work! I found that Krista now does a number of 'sneaky' updates-- it helps when the hawks don't have first dibs. She's one of my favorites, too. :)